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My Story

Within a month after buying my Behind the Ear Hearing Aid I lost it. When I bought the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids from a local Hearing Aid Store they provided me a 2 year Certificate for Loss and Damage Protection which was included in the cost of my hearing aids.  When I consulted my Hearing Aid Store to replace my hearing aid, I was told I had to pay $650.00 deductible which was written on the Certificate. Needless to say, I felt I needed to find a better way of not having to pay the $650.00 again as well as buying an expensive hearing aid insurance policy every year. The hearing aid store offered nothing to prevent me from losing the hearing aid except their 2 year Certificate for Loss and Damage Protection Plan. 

It wasn’t long after my hearing aid loss, that I came up with the idea of attaching the Behind The Ear Hearing Aid to my eyeglasses with the
Loopum® or Loseum® connectors. Now when I take off my eyeglasses the hearing aids remain attached to my eyeglasses. When I get up in the morning the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids are attached to my eyeglasses and I don’t even think about where I put them. The left and right hearing aids are always on the correct ear. When I take a shower they are always out of my ear and I never forget to take them off. Now when I am in public, I don’t even think about losing my hearing aids. The Loopum® or Loseum® connector is the perfect hearing aid holder for my behind the ear hearing aid that is attached to my eyeglasses. Since my sunglasses have a larger eyeglass stem, I have added a larger Loopum® connector to the hollow hearing tube on my BTE hearing aid. No one can see the additional Loopum® connector nor can I feel there are two connectors attached to the hollow hearing tube.

When developing the Loopum® connectors, I wanted them to blend into my hair or the color of my eyeglasses. So the Loopum® connectors are manufactured in a clear transparent plastic that has the flexibility to fit any size eyeglass stem as they come in 3 different sizes. Since developing the Loopum® connectors, I don’t bother buying hearing aid insurance anymore and the hearing aid stores don’t have to sell me anymore replacement hearing aids.


Loopum® or Loseum® is the perfect name for the hearing aid holder. If I didn’t have them I would have lost my hearing aids again. What a great product.
- Fred

You don’t even notice that I have on the hearing aid connectors. One time a friend said you’re about to lose your hearing aids. Then I told them I don’t have to worry about that anymore, the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids are just attached to my eye glasses.
- John

I love them. When I go to bed or get in the shower I automatically take off my eyeglasses and now my Behind The Ear Hearing Aids are attached. It’s great, now I never seem to misplace them; they are always attached to my glasses. Before the Loopum® connectors, I went into the shower and forgot to take off my Behind The Ear Hearing Aids, now that just doesn’t happen anymore.
- Bob

The reason I have always liked the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids, because you can touch the receiver behind the ear and now everything is working. Now with the Loopum® or Loseum® connector, I don’t even think about losing my Behind The Ear Hearing Aids.
- Dave

I love my Loopum®'s because you can’t even see them when I have them on. The hearing aid connectors blend into the color of my hair. They are a great hearing aid accessory that everyone should buy for the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids.
- Alice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Where can I purchase Loopum®'s?
A. Yes here on the web site. Since the Loopum® or Loseum® connectors are relatively new some Optometrists, Hearing Aid stores and Drug Stores have started stocking the Loopum® connectors. Please feel free to give us their name and contact information and we will be happy to contact them.

Q My daughter is 10 years old and wears a Behind The Ear Hearing Aid. Because she is small for her age can she use Loopum®?
A. Yes, Loopum® comes in 3 different sizes. One of them should fit her glasses easily.

Q. Can I use the Loopum's for my sunglasses too?
A. Yes, just slide the Loopum® off the stem of your eyeglasses onto the stem of your sunglasses.  If your sunglasses have a wider stem, just install 2 Loopum®'s on the hollow hearing tube.  I don't feel the extra Loopum® connector and no one will ever notice.

Q I have an "in the ear" hearing aid, can I use Loopum®?
A. No, since you do not have a hollow hearing tube connected to your hearing aid there is not a place to attach the Loopum®.

Q. Can you tell me Is Loopum® hard to install?
A. No, just disconnect the hearing aid transmitter from the hollow hearing tube and install the end through the Loopum® connector and reconnect the hollow tube to the transmitter.

Q. How should I care for Loopum®?
A. They can be washed in lukewarm water if needed.

Q. How do I clean my glasses with Loopum®
A. You can remove the Loopum® or Loseum® connectors and then wash your glasses or leave them on, as long as you don’t get your hearing aids wet.

Q. Can I use my
Loopum®'s to attach my radio or ear phone?
A. Yes, the Loopum®'s are somewhat elastic, but each product is different.
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